Hey I'm a relatively new US player here, does any know what this error means? Rewards: Increase Sand Blast damage by 5 for each Hero hit. Heal amount reduced from 300 to 285; Damage amount reduced from 175 to 166. Juggernaut can be played either in the safe lane or in the mid lane depending upon the enemy's draft.

Beta) This version of NHCmod is something different from previous releases, in that this one is developed for Opposing Fronts! The most important changes of note in this version is that it is the first 'real' version of this mod for Opposing Fronts, and it has been it now works along with more features that have been added.

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Com – Wartide Heroes of Atlantis 1. Download Heroes of the Dungeon 6. Apk + Mod VIP + Data for Android Latest Freegamesapk. Com – Heroes of the Dungeon 6. You are here»»»Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts v2. English Patch Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts v2.

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Company of Heroes/Opposing Forces patch v2. Added a number of missing tooltips and information popups. Re-factored competition logic for ranks and results. Fixed some bugs where whispers were not being sent properly. Leaderboard search is now not case sensitive. Fixed a bug that would lock out valid match type options when kicked from a team or an invitation is cancelled. Players should no longer get disconnected from a game if the server goes down.

Forcing ping updates when joining automatch games. Tabs will now flash if there is activity in the tab and it is not the currently selected tab. Reduced frequency of the Ping of Shame warning for other players. Fixed a performance tooltip bug that made it display the wrong number of players. Fixed some arbitration logic for random teams. Notifications will now be sent if the user ranks up or down. Fixed a number of issues with tool-tip layers. Added "Exit Game" option on the Count Not Verify Media pop-up.

Refactored host notifications and automatch messages.

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Added user feedback to the Relic Online Account Details screen whenever an invalid input is given. User is now removed from channels when disconnected. Responses to invitations while in game and while returning to main menu after a game will be sent automatically.

Resolved the issue where a win was awarded to the wrong faction. Fixed a game crash caused by a British player producing a Cromwell Command Tank and using the Creeping Smoke Barrage ability near any ally tank. Gliders should not be able to land in enemy base sectors. Laying barbed wire should be fixed and back to how it was in vanilla CoH.

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Fixed the minimap so that it is not mis-aligned. Fixed a bug that prevented the British from acquiring resources properly if the HQ truck was moved. Items are now transferred to remaining members of a squad instead of dropping them on the ground. If the team is fully absorbed into a team weapon, the items are dropped.

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Fixed AI unit production limit so that certain units won’t be built more than specified amount. Added additional unit demand multiplier, which lowers production demand if AI player has the same unit already. Removed phantom Vet 2 and Vet 3 upgrades on Panzer Elite Jagdpanther and Hetzer. Panzer Elite Light AT halftrack modifier set correctly for cooldown modifiers (was enable 2. Panzer Elite Fallschirmjager attack trigger priority value when camouflaged reduced from 90 to 80.

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Fallschirmjager will more reliably exit camouflage to attack infantry targets when autoattacking. British Lee Enfield should play bolt action animation now. Fire Wind up variable added 1. Seconds from cooldown to compensate. Updated penetration of captured Bazookas and Recoilless Rifles vs some British Tanks. Wehrmacht Pistol armed weapon crews had their camouflage attack priorities tuned and will reveal themselves less often when camouflaged.

Fixed flamethrower infantry death critical. Critical type now only applies to squad member carrying flamethrower.

Patch - 20180312

Fixed timing issues and left behind sim-boxes with several smoke abilities. Commando squad reinforcements cost increased to fix UI rounding issue (UI showed 34, actual cost was 35). Cost should display as 35 now. Panzer Elite vehicles should visually use proper Panzer Elite crews.

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British mortar emplacements no longer have phantom third crew member. Fixed a bug in British Captain FOO artillery. Artillery will recharge properly if Captain is moved quickly before artillery starts to land. Bug fix for Overwatch Artillery. Overwatch Artillery projectiles won't intersect incorrectly with world objects enroute to their target destination. Bug fix for Nebelwerfers. When shooting nearby tall objects (buildings etc. The rockets could intersect with the building and destroy the Neblewerfer crew.

This should be addressed for most situations. Fixed several UI and text issues. Fixed an issue with sniper camouflage. Both Wehrmacht and Allied snipers can be detected if a unit gets within 3m. Fixed a bug where British Artillery would not leave overwatch mode when killed and taken over by enemy troops. Fixed a bug where Panzer Elite Scout cars could not 'un-setup' if the point it was securing was Scorched.

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Fixed recharge timer on sector artillery. Recharge timer and duration were not matching. Fixed a bug where British Mortars would not leave overwatch or counterbattery mode when killed and taken over by enemy troops. Fixed a bug where Fallschirmjager were able to infiltrate from neutral trenches or friendly vehicles. Wehrmacht assault will work on trenches. British Cromwell Flank Speed ability will be disabled when the Cromwell is Hull Down.

Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Panzerschreck projectile scatter tuned to closer match that of US bazooka. This will reduce number of accidental hits on enemy vehicles. Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Panzerschreck accuracy at short and medium ranges increased. Stuka zu Fuss rocket damage modifiers have been tuned vs British infantry. Damage modifier reduced from 1. A new mine-drop ability was added to the Panzer Elite Munition halftrack and the Goliath Drop was moved to the Funkwagen 'Vampire' Halftrack.

Allied Snipers don't get a camouflaged speed modifier until they reach vet 3. US Quad 50 halftrack weapon does more damage and has more accuracy vs pinned targets. US Quad 50 halftrack upgrade reduced from 125 to 100 munition. Wehrmacht MG42 LMG suppression modifer to tp_infantry and tp_infantry soldier increased from 1. US P47 Strafing run increased in damage vs tp_infantry_soldier - tuned strafing run and P47 weapons to improve effectiveness against enemy infantry.