I was confused but as Surak said, its basically just access is available on Tuesday morning. Installing the Morrowind Code Patch. Fixes bugs in the Morrowind executable that could not be covered by the Morrowind Patch Project.

Updated to correct a problem with the fix which crashed when a summon killed its own summoner with a spell. Updated so it only affects stealing, and no longer allows dialogue or other interaction with hostile NPCs. The player can now display idle animations through the use of playgroup/loopgroup scripting. Loud interface / gameplay sounds fix.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind - Code Patch 20 для The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Fixes many more occurrences of maximum volume sounds. Fixes an issue with actors teleported in with PositionCell that prevented NPC scripting from running correctly, and properly activates actor collision when an actor is moved to the current cell. Fixes some quests involving Arena duels. A merchant's list of spells for sale now includes the spell magicka cost.


The list of available spells will no longer include the powers, abilities, diseases or curses that the merchant may also have. Fixes incorrect counting of passengers (player + companions) with all travel services, which were intended to charge per passenger. Trainer price/stat fix. Trainers now only choose which skills to train using their base skill points, allowing mercantile improving effects to be used without making mercantile an offered skill. Fixes telekinesis to allow long distance interaction with lights, ammunition, books, and activators. Map-texture conflict fix. Dds" to be replace with a texture of a different size, without breaking the world map.

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NPC minor behaviour fixes. Minor improvements to fleeing AI, how followers handle knockdown, and NPC light-source equipping. Followers that are knocked down will no longer be forced to follow you in a glitchy knockdown state. They will stay down until their fatigue becomes positive.

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NPCs fleeing from combat use the correct flee distance, instead of fleeing a very short distance and stopping all actions. Only relevant with modded AI settings. At night, NPCs will no longer try to use light sources which are not marked as equippable. NPC AI casts zero cost powers.

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Moved to "Mod related features" section, only recommended for use with a mod. Item tooltips will now show the damage range on ammunition. Alchemy naming/stacking fix. All potions created will now be stacked properly in the inventory, instead of adding a new icon for every new potion. Larger service/chargen menus. Now increases the size of merchants' spells service and repair service menus. Allows the setting of all available resolutions in the options menu, instead of only resolutions with 4:3 aspect ratio.

In the player level tooltip, the number of skill level-ups linked to each of your attributes are added.

This reduces the confusion of remembering which skills to raise for your next level. Corrects the encumbrance bar in the companion share window overlapping the text to its right. Corrects the display of item stacks of size 10000 or more in containers. On loading a game, sets the player movement to running instead of walking, and sets the map to display the world map instead of the local map. Fixes errors in Morrowind's script parser that caused occasional hanging (or more rarely errors) during the "Initializing Data" phase, when loading savegames.

It should also speed up this phase of loading. Better ingredient and item selector. A much improved menu for selecting components. Affects selecting ingredients, enchanting items and the quick item menu. Allows selecting spells by pressing the first letter of the spell, while in the inventory menu. Repeat presses will cycle through all spells starting with that letter. You can reverse cycle by holding down the Ctrl key.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Morrowind Code Patch 22 -Game mod - Download

It will only select spells, not powers or magic items. The spell selection only operates after the inventory is open. Any menu which takes key input will turn off the feature until the inventory is next opened. Book and scroll scaling fix. Makes books, scrolls and the journal scale to fit wider screens by examining the screen height instead of the width. Fixes issues with multi-monitor setups, where the book would be larger than the screen, with all buttons off-screen.

Improves the layout of books, scrolls and the journal. Pages have more words per line, and lines per page. The quest and topic list is wider, and wraps less. Scrolls have their text area increased to fill the available space as much as possible.

Realigned for default book texture. Journal bookmark menu has a new layout. Texture replacers need to be adjusted to fit. Tweaks the inventory filter tabs. Magic group: No weapons or apparel, now holds scrolls, potions and soul gems. Misc group: All misc items except enchanted scrolls and soul gems. Repair item fatigue fix. Fixes an oversight where fatigue (a low fatigue bar) would increase the chance of repairing an item and the amount repaired instead of decreasing it. Should now be fixed relative to the player, previously it didn't account for mouse sensitivity options.

Prevents red damage border from getting stuck on cell change. Prevents picking up all the items on a body when you Ctrl-click the Dispose Corpse button. The items will disappear with the body.

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Allows levelling of the eight main attributes past 100. Allows levelling of skills past 100, including mod*skill script commands, skill books, and prison stays. Fixes a lot of problems with the Light magic effect.

Fixes pop-in and flat lighting. Allows the removal of a player from a faction by script, leading to new quest possibilities. Slow movement anim fix. Allows very slow creature animations to load without causing an error. Re-activates script triggered objects after the script mod is removed from the load list. Solves problems like un-openable containers after mod removal. Fix enchant options on bows.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Morrowind Code Patch 22 -Game mod - Download

Prevents the "Cast on Strike" enchanting use option from appearing for bows. Stops all empty message notifications from appearing. Probes will always use a charge when testing an object, even if there is no trap present. Hides the display of locks and lock levels. Instead, listen for sounds and watch for messages while picking. Enchanted weapons no longer bypass the "normal weapon resistance" effect that many daedra possess (e.

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Ghosts, dremora), only the weapon setting "ignore normal weapon resistance" matters. This requires mod support to work. The persuasion dialogue option opens the persuasion menu over your pointer, instead of the centre of the screen. Animated container crash fix. Fixes crashes from accessing animated containers. Should work both with players and merchants accessing containers. Voiceover script functions fix. Fixes the StopSound command to avoid always muting actor voices and torch noise. StopSound properly match the sound ID to be removed, if it is specified, instead of muting all actor sound.

Fixes SayDone triggering on animation SoundGens and StopSound. The PlaySoundVP and PlaySound3DVP commands ignored the volume parameter, because someone forgot to write the code for it. Scripted music fades like regular music.

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Allow short weapon reach.